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Golf Ball Reviews: For Golfers With Good Views

Whether you are a beginner at golf or a professional, you will want the golf ball that suits you and your game best. You will also want to get the best golf ball for your money. This is where golf ball reviews come in handy as a reference tool.

Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by what you see your friends or fellow golfers using. First, they may have been golfing longer than you have. Secondly, they may have an entirely different technique than what you have. There are many good golf ball reviews online, in magazines or stores that will be very helpful. It is wise to remember that the most expensive balls may not be what you need. The top-of-the-line name brands that you read about may not be the best for you either. More expensive is not always best- just more expensive.

Golf balls consist of two major types: wound or solid. The wound balls are the conventional balls that have been around for years. The solid ball came into play in the 1980s. Originally, golfers were of the opinion that the solid golf balls offered little control of spin and performed poorly in general. They were used to the wound ball. Technology has now advanced to where golf ball reviews will show the increased popularity and use of solid balls.

Beyond the two basis types, there are one piece, two-piece and three-piece balls. The one piece, made of Surlyn with dimples, is the basic ball for on the driving range or just starting out. You wont get much distance, but they are very durable and inexpensive, which makes them great for practicing. Two-piece balls have the core and a strong covering. Due to the high restitution covering, you will get great distance and durability. Manufacturers are now able to make them softer which contributes to greater control. Golf ball reviews have shown that these are very popular for the every day golfer on the course.

Three-piece balls, wound with a liquid center or solid, allow the more experienced golfer the control he wants. The backspin is very good and there is good distance and height. These are more for the experienced golfer who is able to control his shots with spin and distance.

There are also four-piece balls, but they are new on the market. They are made of a soft Urethane, are durable and great for distance.

You will be able to choose if you are looking for spin or feel golf balls. Golf ball reviews will help you decide which ball is right for you. Low spin golf balls will lessen the amount of sidespin when you shoot, therefore the ball will go straighter in the air. It may not go as far in the air as you’d like, but with less spin it will roll more when it hits the ground. This is a good ball for player that is unable to get a long drive. A mid spin golf balls is the ball most suitable for all players. It combines both distance and feel. High spin golf balls are made to increase the spin when its in the air and go farther. They are used a lot by golfers that hit right to left with a draw.

Firm feel golf balls are used for distance, and will feel hard when hit. They are used if distance is more important than spinning onto the green. Its a very durable ball and will go many rounds. Mid feel golf balls act similar to the mid spinning ball in that it is the most suitable for all players. It combines distance with being easily controlled on the green. Soft feel golf balls are balls used by many professional golfers that are able to use spin on short shots. It is not a ball for beginners. It is easily nicked or damaged due to the soft cover.

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