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Golf Ball Retriever: If Your tired Of Losing Balls

When golf first started in the 1500s, the only equipment used was the golf club and the golf balls both made of wood. Because of the tedious work in making the balls, as well as the expense, golfer only had a few balls to play with. Due to the construction, they were very durable. Golfers now have a wider variety of golf balls to choose from. Its not unusual for a golfer to own many balls. In addition, its not unusual for a golfer to lose many balls. That is, unless they own the golf ball retriever.

Many golfers wonder how they ever got along having one. One type of golf ball retriever is a long metal pole with telescopic properties. Mostly golfers that hit the ball in the water often use it. The tool is put in the water and the golfer is able to scoop out the ball. This is probably the most popular style for retrieving an otherwise lost ball from the water.

Another style of golf ball retriever is a metal pole with a hoop on the bottom. The pole is used to pick the golf ballf the green. Many golfers suffer from back pain from the repeated bending involved in golfing. With the use of this golf hoop, there is much less bending involved.

Golf ball retrievers are not just for water hazards. They are valuable for retrieving the ball from the sand, mud, or even tall grass. There is a variety of different kinds of golf ball retrievers. One style, the trapper, is used to get the ball out of tall grass. Another style, the hinged head golf ball retriever, comes in different lengths and is used to scoop the ball out of the water or tall grass. Once you manage to get the hoop around the ball, just tighten the lock-turn mechanism and here comes your ball.

The round head retriever is a very efficient and inexpensive golf ball retriever. It comes in a 15 length and has a plastic ring on the end. The ball can be picked up from either side of the ring. The ring works almost like a magnet preventing the golf ball from falling out.

The golf ball retrievers are a handy tool that every golfer should have. They come in large as well as portable sizes that fold to fit your pocket. Once you’ve had one, you wont know how you ever got along without it.

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