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Golf Ball Monogrammer: A Signature Of The Times

An avid golfer will have his own set of clubs, all the golf balls he needs and perhaps a few other accessories. Most of the golfing equipment will last him forever with the exception of the golf balls. Many balls will be lost. On the course, someone else may claim its your ball on the hazard and not his. If you have a golf ball monogrammer, there will be no question as to whose ball it is. This is the perfect gift to get yourself or someone you know golfs. We have many things monogrammed-why not our golf balls.

A golf ball monogrammer will serve more than one purpose. It will define the golf ball as yours as well as give them a professional dignified look. Many times golfers have favorite balls that they can recognize until they got on the course. If they’re hit in the rough, they may wind up along with everyone else’s balls. If they are monogrammed, there’s no question as to which ball is yours. What a splendid way to impress your friends on the course.

There are a few different varieties of the golf ball monogrammer available today. One kind is like a set of pliers. The letters of the alphabet are inserted inside the tool. The golf ball is put inside and the tool is squeezed shut. Just like that, your golf ball has your initials on it in whatever style you wish. Most golf balls can have only up to four initials on them due to their small size. Many choose to put a layer of varnish on when its finished to make sure they never wear off.

Another version of a golf ball monogrammer is a g-stamp like is used in many offices. It uses a removable permanent inkpad that’s put inside of the monogrammer. The convenience of having a removable inkpad means you can change colors. The letters can be manually controlled as to location and size with the aid of a dial control on the g-stamp.

A very simple form of golf ball monogrammer consists of an id frame, the letters and a Sharpie pen. The letters put in the frame and then traced onto the golf ball. This is a very inexpensive, but effective, way to personalize the golf balls.

By searching online as well as offline, you can find the type of golf ball monogrammer that appeals to you in the price you want to pay. Purchasing this for you will add a unique touch to your golf balls. Giving it as a gift will make sure they get a memorable and useful gift. Its almost like his or her own autograph for everyone to see.

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