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A Golfers Pride: Their Golf Ball Display

There isn’t a better way to show off your years of great golf playing than in a golf ball display. Not only will it hold your every day balls, but also it can hold those special balls you own. Most importantly, it will show the world just what you think of golf.

There are so many different golf ball displays one can make or have custom made. A very popular one is to designate or describe a particular golf game or tournament you may have played in. The entire golf ball display will be in the shape of the United States with one specific decorative golf ball on the state where the tournament took place. Many golfers have a golf ball display the shape of their individual state outlined in golf balls with a special golf ball where their hometown is located on the map.

Some people like the looks of golf balls so much that they design their walls or parts of them inside their home with them. The golf ball displays on the walls consist of golf balls painted in various colors and put on the wall in a pattern or design. Golfers truly in love with the game have had their entire garage walls done up like this. Imagine what a topic of conversation this is in the neighborhood!

Those that are really into golf and geography will have a large frame of the world or United States with a golf ball for each of the states or countries on it. Each ball will have a small picture designating what state or country it is representing. This is a golf ball display that takes a lot of time to complete but the finished result is a sight to see. It is also a way to get children interested in learning their geography.

On a more personal level is the golf ball display that’s like a family photo collage. The frame is usually large and very sturdy. Each golf ball that is in the frame has a family members photo embedded in it. What a wonderful way to show off your children or grand children. This golf ball display is my personal favorite and a favorite of many.

A rather simple but tasteful golf ball display is made up of golf balls spelling out someones name or initials. On a dark frame or cabinets, it almost has a glow-in-the-dark look.

The possibilities are endless for what you can do with golf balls and golf ball displays. With the right imagination, they make the most unique and fascinating ideas and gifts.

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