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Golf Ball Comparisons: Which One Is For You?

Purchasing your first golf ball is not as easy as it seems. You may think that a golf ball is just a golf ball. You go to your local store and grab the first set of balls you see and rush off to the course. Without making golf ball comparisons, you have no idea what you may have or what you can do with it. A baseball player will not grab the first bat or ball he sees. The same is true with golf.

There are many different balls on the market today for golfing. However, for making golf ball comparisons, there are truly only two types: two-piece golf balls and three-piece golf balls. There are one-piece balls, but generally, these are used for practicing only. The kind of ball you need will depend on what level of golf player you are and what you are looking to do on the course.

The two-piece ball consists of a large hard rubber core with a cover of some sort of plastic, usually surlyn. On the cover, there are dimples to help the ball travel further. Dimples are usually on all golf balls. The two-piece balls are great for distance and not much spin, making them a good choice for the beginner. Manufacturers of golf balls, testing golf ball comparisons, are able to adjust the hardness or softness or two-pieced ball. You can feel the difference just by touching them.

The three-piece solid ball also has a large rubber core, but then it has a thin layer of plastic followed with the cover. The other variety of three-piece is a wound ball with a liquid center covered with wound up leather thread followed with a cover of hard plastic, synthetic rubber or balata. This ball is not as good for distance but is better for backspin. The wound ball isn’t used as much as it used to be due to the high cost.

If you are a beginner, you probably don’t want a lot of spin, but need the distance, making the two-piece a good choice. These balls are also good if you don’t have a straight shot or are just trying to improve your long shot. Knowing your strong and weak points is important when making golf ball comparisons.

The three-piece ball is an excellent choice for the golfer that has a good game, is very consistent with his shots, and wants to improve his game. When first learning the game, it is best to just learn how to hit the ball and watch it go. Once you have mastered that, you’ll want to move on to learning about spin and backspin. There are many manufacturers selling various descriptive balls. In making your golf ball comparisons, keep in mind that all them will fall in one of the two categories: two-piece or three-piece. Have fun shopping!

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