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Frisbee Golf Rules are Simple and Fun

Frisbee golf is an outdoor sport that has been gaining popularity, and today you will find more frisbee golf courses than ever before. Frisbee golf, also known as disc golf, involves using a frisbee to play a course of eighteen holes. The goal of a round of frisbee golf is to score the lowest number of strokes, or to complete the course in the least number of throws of the frisbee. In order to begin enjoying an exciting round of frisbee golf, you will need to become familiar with a few frisbee golf rules.

Frisbee golf rules are simple and easy to learn. The game follows the example of golf, only players use a frisbee or a number of frisbees rather than traditional golf clubs. Frisbee golf rules also take place on a special course designed just for frisbee golf. This course will have baskets at the end of each hole designed to catch a frisbee. According to frisbee golf rules, you will try to score par on each hole. Most frisbee golf courses consist of holes that are all par threes, but you may find some courses with other types of holes.

If you keep in mind these following frisbee golf rules, you will quickly be on your way to enjoying the game.

You will hit your drive, or first throw of the frisbee, from the designated tee area for each hole.
To play each shot after your tee shot, you must pick up your frisbee and stand directly behind where it landed before throwing the frisbee.
Your final score is determined when you land your frisbee in the basket, or when you have hit the tree or designated spot for the end of the hole if there is no basket.
The winner of a round of frisbee golf is the player that completed the course in the least number of throws, or strokes.
As in traditional golf, the player that scores the lowest number of strokes on the previous hole has honors, and is allowed to drive first on the next hole if they wish.
You are allowed to use a number of different frisbees, including a driver and a putter.

Frisbee golf rules do not specify how you must throw your frisbee. There are a number of different frisbee throwing techniques, and you should throw your frisbee whichever way is most effective and comfortable for you. Many frisbee golf players will have a particular type of shot for the drive to get the most distance. A much more gentle technique is necessary for short shots, or putts. Learning these few basic frisbee golf rules will enable you to get out on the course and master the game.

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