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Get A Great Deal On Ezgo Golf Carts

Ever since E-Z-GO began making golf carts and utility vehicles in 1954, it has become a bi-word for quality and continued excellence in its field. Although it has been taking over numerous times and taken into larger companies, it has retained its own unique style and kept up with advances in technology and tastes. Part of its success is down to that it keeps its ear to the ground, constantly searching for the ways in which its golf carts can be improved and can react to changes in the market and in individual taste. This is why E-Z-GO boasts the largest sales and service network in the industry. Its humble beginnings as a one-machine shop in Augusta remain embedded in its ethos, and which is why it is respected throughout America and throughout the world. The range of features that an E-Z-GO golf cart has makes it an ideal golf cart to meet the demands of a day on the golf course.

Best of the best

The standard features of an E-Z-GO golf cart are its center storage baskets, which make for easy access and safe transportation. There are also dual halogen headlights, which illuminate the way for those late night matches. Other lights that are included as standard are the break lights and indicators, which provide a safe environment for driving. However, the best thing about an E-Z-GO golf cart is the great range of extras that can be included. Things such as a sun canopy and windshield, for when the elements are against you and there is no respite. Some E-Z-GO golf carts can be fitted with an all-weather enclosure that can protection you and your passengers from any downpour or high winds that might be affecting the course on any particular. Safety on the course has always been a concern of the planning that goes into the construction of an E-Z-GO golf cart. Therefore, unlike many golf carts, an E-Z-GO golf cart has a rear view mirror, which allows for a greater degree of vision.

A great deal more

Each E-Z-GO golf cart is also the result of great amounts of research and innovation. An E-Z-GO golf cart was the first golf cart to feature a rear seat on which another passenger can be taken. Another innovation is the presence of a soft swift spike cleaner, which allows for a quick clean of your shoes and means that you don’t have to spend time in the club house scrubbing out sand and grass. All these innovations make for a wonderful and practical golf cart.

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