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Learning How to Play with the ESPN Golf School

When you think of the ESPN golf school you probably think of some huge facility somewhere that houses dozens of top PGA teaching professionals showing hundreds of students a year how to play the game of golf.  But ESPN golf school does not work like that.  The relationship between ESPN golf school, the facilities, and the students is the same exact relationship as a state board of regents, the schools, and the students.

The ESPN golf school is the board of regents that develops the curriculum and has all its participating schools teach the same curriculum to all the students at a particular level.  It is actually an ingenious structure that allows ESPN to reach more golfers than it ever could with one single location.

The ESPN golf school is multiple levels of instruction based on your own assessment of your ability.  You go to the ESPN golf school website, choose the program that is right for you, and then choose the golf course you want to take your classes at.  Getting to the course and accommodations are all up to you.  But with the staff that ESPN has assembled, it will probably be the most productive set of lessons you will ever get.

More Than Just Learning

The ESPN golf school is broken down into parts called tours.  The first tour is called the 3 Club Tour and this is for a little more advanced players.  Basically you are taught how to shoot a round of golf only needing your driver, wedge, and putter.  This is a very advanced technique class and is not for beginners.

The Beginners Tour is for beginners and is exactly what is says it is.  Next is the Power Tour and this deals with proper club fitting and personal conditioning as ways to increase power in your swing.  The Three Day Resort Tour may sound like a vacation but it is golf boot camp and not for the faint of heart.

There are also comprehensive Executive Tours which are a bit of vacation and a lot of golf but the main attraction of these tours is that you get to learn right from the ESPN golf pro himself Hank Haney.  They also offer the American Express Hole In One competition where everyone that enters gets one shot at making a hole in one for a lot of prizes.  You may want to try that after you are done with your lessons.

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