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Go Green With Electric Golf Carts

In today’s environmental climate, there is a growing market for electric golf carts. The advantage is that they are not only environmentally friendly but they are cheaper to run. With gasoline and petrol prices on the up and reserves of the fuel running low, the potential of electric golf carts is being explored. The great thing about electric golf carts is that they can be charged and are generally more efficient than fuel driven carts.

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The advantage that a lot of electric golf carts have over fuel-powered vehicles is that they are less complicated than fuel-powered vehicles. On average, electric golf carts have less than 50 moving parts. Therefore, there is less to break and less that can go wrong with electric golf carts. Although electric golf carts have a certain stigma about their efficiency and speed, these are either unfounded or are in the midst of being demystified. Advances in electric golf cart technology have also made more efficient and so feasible to use. Electric golf carts are also much cheaper to run. They are also much more compatible with an ever-growing number of golf clubs. Golf clubs, keen to promote a green image of themselves, have adapted to the growth in environmental concern. A lot of clubs have generators through which you can charge your electric golf cart up as you wait in the bar and even if they don’t, it will be a rare thing to find a golf club that doesn’t have access to electricity. However, a golf club can’t be relied upon to provide petrol or gasoline for a golf cart that has run out.

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There is also the argument that electric golf carts are not as fast as their petrol-fuelled competitors are, but this is to ignore the realistic use of a golf cart. The wonderful thing about having a game of golf is to enjoy the scenery and to not always be in a hurry. Having a game of golf is one of the few times in life where you are advised to take your time. Having a petrol-fuelled cart is not as efficient as an electric golf carts at most speeds and further increasing the speed of the cart is only going to make the cart more inefficient. A further advantage of the electric golf carts is that they are much less noisy than petrol-fuelled carts, making the golf course a much more serene and calm place to be.

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