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Personalise Your Ride With Custom Golf Carts

In today’s golfing world, it is all about the look. Having the best looking clubs, the coolest threads and the most up-to-date bag, are all vital if you want to stand out on the links. What has become more evident over the past couple of years is that there is a further step that can be taken to your individual display and this is the rise and increase in popularity of custom golf carts. What custom golf carts show is that you have an individual sense of taste and refuse to deal with the regular carts that get handed out at most clubs. Lots of companies now specialize in designing custom golf carts and the only limit to the cart is your imagination. It can be in any form you like with custom golf carts looking like ambulances or tanks or any kind of car you wish. It gives you the chance to turn your golf cart into the car you always wanted to have. Such custom golf carts include Cadillac Escalade Cart, Lamborghini, Humvee, Mercedes, Corvette, Rolls Royce or even that 57 Chevy or Mustang you always wanted to coast around in.

Out on the road

These custom golf carts a very worthy investment as they can be used off the course as well as on. These custom golf carts simply have their body styles changed to suit your needs and are then bolted on top of either the newer EZ-Go Chassis or Yamaha Chassis. The great thing about these sorts of custom golf carts is that they can be customised to include anything you want. For example, having picked the model that you wish and the chassis, you can then choose to add customized upholstery. The choice of paint is up to you as well as any extras that you might care to include. And here is where custom golf carts truly come into their own. The range of extras and additional fittings is staggering. If you don’t want to miss the news or a specific programme whilst you are out on the course, then Headliners TVs can be installed. If you are a video games nut then it is possible to put in Play station 2 or X-Box 360 or DVD Players. With all this in tow, you are sure to look the top dog on the course. It shows that you have a true individuality to your game and that you are ready and prepared to take on all comers on the course!

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