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Hiring a Golf Course Professional for Your Own Benefit

You’ve tried everything you’ve taken group lessons at the local golf course. You’ve watched instructional videos from the Internet, as well as some that you buyd at a local sporting goods store. You even attended a free seminar at the local health club that gave pointers on various typical bad habits that golfers have. Still, … Read more

Golf Course Pictures: Sell Your Greens

In advertising, providing a visual is always a great way to promote your product. This holds true whether you are advertising a service, item, or place. Therefore, golf course pictures can be a great way to entice customers to come to your golf course. All forms of advertisement do better with visual aid, so consider … Read more

More to Golf Course Living Than Meets the Eye

When you think of living on a golf course, you probably imagine a bunch of retirees stepping out onto the putting green every day, living in a quiet neighborhood and drinking tea and lemonade in the afternoon. However, this is a common misconception regarding golf course living that deserves a little investigation and correction. Golf … Read more

Choosing a Golf Course in Memphis

If you live in Tennessee, you’ve probably noticed that you can find a golf course in Memphis down almost any street. In fact, it seems that golf is more of a way of life in Memphis than a hobby, with so many different choices of areas to spend an afternoon out on the fairway. How … Read more

I Need WHAT Golf Course Equipment?!

Whether building, maintaining, or even planning a design, you’ll need specific golf course equipment to accomplish your task. Interestingly enough, there are several types of specialized golf course equipment, as well as various other standard farm equipment that can be used. In fact, you might be surprised at the wide array of equipment available and … Read more

Creativity in a Golf Course Design

If you look around a little, you’ll find that there are several well-known companies that create interesting and creative golf course designs. Names like Nicklaus and Kyle Phillips come up frequently in a search for designers. However, you could create your own golf course design that you could either employ in your own golf course … Read more

Build Your Own Miniature Golf Course and Make a Bundle

When you think about family fun that has lasted through the changes in culture over time, miniature golf is one of the few forms that endures. For this reason, it may seem guaranteed that deciding to build your own miniature golf course would be a cash cow. To a point, this is definitely true, since … Read more

Why Invest in a Beaufort Golf Course Property?

For some, the idea of investing in a Beaufort golf course property is a dream or goal that they wish to achieve someday. For others, it may be difficult to understand the draw of such a location. However, when you look into all the details of a Beaufort golf course property, you’ll quickly come to … Read more

Hold the Caddy!

In the course of your career as a golfer, whether professional, semi-professional or even on the amateur level you are sure to encounter other players who have a caddy and want one for yourself. But do you really need a caddy, or is this something that you can avoid? Many players choose to forgo a … Read more