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Enjoying the Red Hawk Golf Course Michigan

Most people would not think of Michigan as a premier golfing state, especially because of the climate that is often associated with the state. Because the state tends to get extremely cold in the winter, few people know just how pleasant the summer months can actually be, with colorful blooms and a nice breeze taking … Read more

Golf Course Management: A Green Job

Something you may not think about when you are planting your tees and swinging your newest golf club in hopes of scoring a good round is the golf course management company that cares for the course you’re playing. How do you think the grass stays so green or the sand stays so clean? Does the … Read more

Backyard Miniature Golf Course: Putt-Putt at Home

While it can be exciting to go to a miniature golf course with the whole family, sometimes it can be even more fun to create your own backyard miniature golf course. Children can especially get into the crafting of your hazards and goals, coming up with parts and pieces from art supplies and scraps using … Read more

Handling International Golf Course Management

Golf is an international sport, and there are thousands of golf courses across the world. In order to maintain these courses in good working order, management is important. International golf course management is an occupation that could be quite rewarding if you know what you are doing. In fact, any type of management in regards … Read more

Golf Course Financing Thats Up to Par

Perhaps your lifelong dream is to build and own your own golf course, but because of the financial obligations, you figure that is about as likely to happen as you winning the next Byron Nelson. What you may not realize is that there are financial facilities that specialize in providing golf course financing to individuals … Read more

The Basics of Building a Golf Course

Most people take advantage of going out for an afternoon and swinging away at a few tees on the beautiful green fairways of the local golf course. However, a lot more goes into building and maintaining this pleasurable experience than you may guess. There are actually firms that specialize in the design of courses, as … Read more

Golf Course Aerial Photos: Why You Should Advertise?

Several aspects of a golf course will attract golfers and homeowners to the area, most having to do with appearance. They want the greenest fairways and picture rolling hills over which are spread sparkling waters and white sandy pits. The course should be surrounded by loads of natural beauty and perhaps backed by a fine, … Read more

The Draw of a Pebble Beach Golf Course

When you think of California, you probably don’t think a lot about playing golf. Your thoughts are probably more along the lines of open beaches with tanned bodies in bathing suits or surfers in wet suits and giant waves crashing against the shore. However, you’ll find courses all over the state to please the avid … Read more

Appreciate That Lovely Golf Course View

Golf might be a sport of skill and ability, but part of the beauty of playing golf is also the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. Golf courses are often built in areas of natural beauty, from an oasis in the desert to serene lakes and forests. If you are playing golf, then you should remember … Read more

Where To Find Great Golf Course Real Estate? Memphis!

In a town known for good southern cooking, easy living, and great country music, you wouldn’t expect to find a golf course on practically every corner. However, in Memphis, it seems that everywhere you look, you are surrounded by golf course real estate. Memphis is a city where golfing is unbelievably popular, and you’ll notice … Read more