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How To Make Sense Of Golf Club Specifications

When you are looking at golf clubs online or at your local store, you will probably see a whole series of golf club specifications and terminology about why this club can make you hit the ball better, or why a certain club is the best around, and so on. It can be hard to make … Read more

The Importance Of Your Golf Club Shafts

If you are a beginner to the golf game, then you probably haven’t had the time to think about how your equipment is affecting your game. However, knowing about the equipment options open to you and how they can improve your play is important for golfers of any level. One of the most important factors … Read more

Golf Club Reviews: Learn What To Play

There are so many golf clubs and other types of golf equipment on the market today that even for a seasoned player it can be hard to choose the best from the rest. However, there is an answer to this question in the form of golf club reviews. Golf club reviews allow you to compare … Read more

The Basics Of The Golf Club

When you first start playing golf, it is important to learn the basics of the equipment you are going to use. Having some knowledge of the tools of the game and appreciation for the way they are way will make the game more enjoyable as well as hopefully making you a better golfer. The first … Read more

Spruce Up Your Kit With New Golf Club Headcovers

Golf is not just about the sport, but is also a game of style, elegance and fashion. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and creating your own style is all part of the games enjoyment. Whilst you might not be able to afford the latest in club technology or a new golf bag … Read more

How The Wrong Golf Club Head Can Affect Your Game

A golf club might seem like just one whole piece of equipment, but there are in fact different parts to the club. One of the most important parts of the golf club is the golf club head. The golf club head is the action part of the club, as it is the part which strikes … Read more

Find The Right Golf Club Grips For Your Swing

Whilst there is no perfect way to grip a golf club, there are some differences between good golf club grips and bad golf club grips. Knowing the differences will help you to improve your swing and feel more comfortable and natural when you play golf. Although the rules about golf club grips should not be … Read more

Pick The Right Club By Knowing Golf Club Distances

If you watch golf on television, then you have probably seen that virtually all the top players have a golf caddy with them. These caddies are not there just to carry the clubs, but to advise the players on which clubs to use depending on the distance to the hole. Whilst some top clubs will … Read more

It Pays To Know Your Golf Club Components

When playing the game of golf you probably see your clubs as one item, without taking the time to think about the various golf club components. However, knowing about the different golf club components can help you to better understand the game of golf, and perhaps even improve your swing along the way. Each part … Read more

How To Recognize Golf Club Clones

Just as in the fashion or automobile market, golf club manufacturers often use the ideas of other manufacturers in their own golf clubs. These golf club clones are totally legal, and simply use the same manufacturers and techniques as many of the big golf brands, but offer better value for money. Whilst you might not … Read more