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Are You Looking For The Best Golf Vacations?

If you are a keen golfer then you may be thinking of taking a golfing vacation. However, with so many different golf vacations to choose from, how do you start and where do you start looking for one to suit you?

Whilst there may be hundreds of golf courses to choose from around the world, there are still some which remain head above the rest. So, if you are looking for some of the best golf locations around then look no further! Here you will find some of the best golf locations in the world.

The Best Golfing Locations

Golf is played in most countries which means that there is an extremely large selection of golf courses to choose from. Some are better than others and if you are looking for a really memorable golf vacation then these golf vacations may just be what you are looking for:


If you are looking to stay in America then you will find that there are a few golfing locations which are simply amazing.

Palm Springs is definitely one of the most amazing golf vacations where you can play. It boasts extremely good weather with only 20 days maximum of rain throughout the year and it has fantastic, scenic mountain views. There is something for every golfer in Palm Springs so no matter if you are a beginner or an expert player, you should find something which challenges your abilities.


If you are really looking to get away then Jamaica could be the perfect place for you. There are top class golf resorts to choose from including the Sandals golf resort.

Sandals are known as one of the best golf locations due to its scenery. If you are looking for an idyllic resort to play golf you definitely cannot go wrong with the Sandals Resort. The best thing about golf vacations with Sandals is that everything is included. Green fees and transfers to and from the courses are included so there is no extra hassle for you to worry about. So Jamaica is definitely one of the best countries to play golf in if you want a scenic atmosphere.


There are plenty of golf vacations within Europe but Scotland has proven to be one of the best there is within the area.

The Prestwick Golf Club is one of the best that there is in Scotland and it was designed by Tom Morris. It is the course which hosted the first British Open in 1860 and so it has a lot of history behind it. It is the place where many competitions are held and it provides plenty of challenges for new golfers.

Overall there are some absolutely fantastic golf vacations around the World and choosing the best ones can be a really hard task. However the ones mentioned above are definitely worth a look in so if you are planning your next golf vacations they may just be what you are looking for.

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