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The Best Golf Training Equipment

As technology advances there is always new golf training equipment being released.  Possibly the best new golf training equipment is the high tech and low tech but effective none the less.  Golf training equipment in the hands of a professional can help your game and lower your score.  So if you decide to take lessons be sure you ask the professional about the newest golf training equipment and how it can help take strokes off your score and add years to your life.

One of the more helpful pieces of new golf training equipment that seems like a huge gimmick at first but is actually very helpful is something I call the swing hoop.  Basically it is a large hoop on a stand that is about 6 to 8 feet tall.  You stand in the middle of the hoop and position yourself for your normal swing.  The path of the club during the swing is one of the biggest reasons why swings go wrong and this device is a guide that helps you flatten out your swing and get it right.  The point is to follow your club along the hoop as you swing thereby correcting the path of your club.  If you strike the hoop you are swinging too far inside.  If you are allowing the club to get too far away from the hoop then you are swinging too far outside.  You need to follow the hoop at a consistent distance of an inch or less from the hoop without striking it or straying too far from it.  It actually works and has helped a lot of people.

It’s All Computers

Probably the best advance in golf training equipment is the computer.  Before computers were wide spread and inexpensive you could tape someone’s swing but analyzing it was pretty difficult.  With the computer as a piece of golf training equipment you can digitally record the swing, break it down, analyze it, put that analysis on the recording, and burn the student a DVD to take home.  It is unbelievably helpful to both the teacher and the student and helps identify problems as well as isolate them and hopefully eliminate them.  The computer is a great thing for mankind and now that it can help with the golf swing it is just that much more helpful.

Golf has not changed in hundreds of years but the equipment sure has.  As the equipment gets more advanced so do the players and with all this new equipment to use it is no wonder that more and more people are playing and enjoying golf.

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