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The Basics of Building a Golf Course

Most people take advantage of going out for an afternoon and swinging away at a few tees on the beautiful green fairways of the local golf course. However, a lot more goes into building and maintaining this pleasurable experience than you may guess. There are actually firms that specialize in the design of courses, as well as companies for hire that maintain courses. What all is involved in a basic golf course from start to finish?

Start with the need to plan the design. You only have so much land you can use, and you have to fit 18 holes of challenging golf into that space. Most courses range between 5000-7000 yards in length, so you have to keep this into consideration as well. What sort of par do you want to carry for your golf course? Where will the water hazards and sand bunkers be placed? How much rough do you want around the edges of your course, and how level or hilly do you want the play action to be? These are all considerations for the initial design of the course.

Then, you’ll need to consider funding. Building a golf course is neither easy nor cheap, and you can easily rack up over one million dollars in expenses just putting the course together. You’ll need to find a source for funding and have a proper business proposal for the financial institution outlining your plan, your estimated start-up costs, and your estimated return on investment to plead your case.

Once you have funding, you’ll need to have equipment, construction workers, and landscapers to build the course. This is a work that must be carefully coordinated to achieve the resulting magnificent golf course you dream of. You’ll need to advertise as you build so that, upon opening the course, you’ll have business knocking down your door to experience your new golfing facilities. Have photos taken of the course, especially aerial photographs that show the entire layout of the area that can be included in ads, and try planning special promotional events for the opening of your golf course to draw even more attention.

Finally, you’ll have to have equipment and personnel to maintain the facility and to provide customer service. Cleanliness and beauty are extremely important to the appeal of a golf course, as well as strong customer satisfaction skills in the staff, so never underestimate the power of good employees and vigilance in the upkeep of the property. Once you’ve created your dream course, you can expect to bask in the glow of success for a long time to come.

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