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History Of The Golf Ball

When we think of or look at a golf ball, we see a small hard ball that looks like hard plastic. We hit it, we watch it go where we want and that’s the end of it, right? We give little thought to the history of the golf ball. Little do we know how many … Read more

Golf Ball Washer: What Did We Do Without Them?

One of the worst things about playing golf on a wet day is the ball constantly getting muddy or just dusty and dirty. After each turn, you need to pick up the ball and wipe it clean or try to wash it. Youd like to just wait until the game is over, but you may … Read more

Golf Ball Tie Tack: Golf Isn’t Always Casual

At one time, golf was just a pastime for many. Through the years, it has gained more and more popularity. How great it is to be able to show your love of golf on a daily basis. There are many ways to do this, but wearing a golf ball tie tack is a unique eye-catching … Read more

Golf Ball Spin Rates: is Faster Always Better?

To understand about golf ball spin rates, it is important to know what spin is all about. The golf ball spin rate is defined as the speed the ball spins in a straight line while in the air. Spin rate, measured in rpm (revolutions per minute), of a typical driver will vary between 2,000 and … Read more

Golf Ball Reviews: For Golfers With Good Views

Whether you are a beginner at golf or a professional, you will want the golf ball that suits you and your game best. You will also want to get the best golf ball for your money. This is where golf ball reviews come in handy as a reference tool. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed … Read more

Golf Ball Retriever: If Your tired Of Losing Balls

When golf first started in the 1500s, the only equipment used was the golf club and the golf balls both made of wood. Because of the tedious work in making the balls, as well as the expense, golfer only had a few balls to play with. Due to the construction, they were very durable. Golfers … Read more

Golf Ball: Everyone Needs One

The golf ball is a small ball used in the game of golf. The object of golf is to compete with others to hit or drive the ball into a series of either nine or eighteen holes as quickly as you can. The players begin their game by placing the ball on a tee (a … Read more

Golf Ball History: It Just Keeps Getting Better

When we go out on the course to go 9 holes or possibly 18 holes, we are only aware of the balls and clubs we presently use now. We give very little thought to the golf ball history and how far technology has come. Golf was first played in the 1500s. Not having the supplies … Read more

Golf Ball Dimples: A Smile for Miles

When we think of golf balls, we think of small round balls with small little indentations on them. These indentations know as golf ball dimples serve a very important purpose. In addition to giving the ball a unique look, they are what make the ball do what we want it totravel far. Golf ball dimples … Read more

Golf Ball Collector Cases Make Your Memories Come Alive

If you’re like most sports fans, you have many memorabilia and you don’t know what to do with it. If you’re an active golf player, you probably have tons of golf balls and no place to keep them. Owning a golf ball collector case will solve that little dilemma for you. Its the perfect way … Read more