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Golf Ball Comparisons: Which One Is For You?

Purchasing your first golf ball is not as easy as it seems. You may think that a golf ball is just a golf ball. You go to your local store and grab the first set of balls you see and rush off to the course. Without making golf ball comparisons, you have no idea what … Read more

Novelty Golf Ball: What A Novel Idea

Have you been looking forever for the perfect gift for your golfing friends? Look no more-novelty golf balls will get them every time. Not only will you have them laughing, you will have given them a true piece of memorabilia. There is an enormous supply of novelty golf balls on the market today. Some are … Read more

A Golfers Pride: Their Golf Ball Display

There isn’t a better way to show off your years of great golf playing than in a golf ball display. Not only will it hold your every day balls, but also it can hold those special balls you own. Most importantly, it will show the world just what you think of golf. There are so … Read more

Golf Ball Monogrammer: A Signature Of The Times

An avid golfer will have his own set of clubs, all the golf balls he needs and perhaps a few other accessories. Most of the golfing equipment will last him forever with the exception of the golf balls. Many balls will be lost. On the course, someone else may claim its your ball on the … Read more

Golf Ball Imprinting Makes It Personal!

Golf ball imprinting is very popular with golf players as well as their fans and families. The variety of imprinting that can be done on the golf balls is almost unlimited. Golf ball imprinting, as with any imprinting, is a way to advertise your love of the game or favorite player or just announce something … Read more

Golf Ball Structure: You Got Structure, You Got Game

  The wooden golf ball stayed around for well over one hundred years. It was, at the time, all they had. From there it advanced to the feather ball, the gutta percha, then the rubber core and finally to the golf ball that we use today. It is due to the great technology involved in … Read more

Golf Ball Display Case: A Showcase For Your Show!

Golf has fast become a very popular sport. Whereas in the past, only a few people would be avid golfers and most of them men, now you will see men and women alike golfing. Golf, many people believe, is just a matter of hitting a ball into the hole. The true golfer knows it is … Read more

Number Of Dimples On A Golf Ball: The Ball Will Smile

There has been a lot of research and information on the dimples on golf balls and what effect they have on the ball. A question asked by golf players everywhere is if the number of dimples on a golf ball makes a difference. Scientists feel that it plays a huge roll in their performance. The … Read more

Going The Distance With The Nike Golf Ball

Very few golf balls today have the hype or attention that a Nike golf ball garners. Nike a world-renowned name in sports apparel and equipment offers golfers the same quality and value in their fine line of golf balls as all their other sports equipment. With pros such as Tiger Woods and Michele Wie using … Read more

Materials of a Golf Ball

The golf ball that we play with may look like a hard plastic ball but the materials of a golf ball consist of many different components. All of these components combine to make the golf ball travel better than the golfers hundreds of years ago would ever have imagined. Golf may have started out as … Read more