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Don’t Forget Ball Position Golf Swing

The golf swing has many components that work together. In order to achieve a successful golf swing, you will need to master each golf swing component. Ball position golf swing is one of the basic golf swing fundamentals that every golfer must execute successfully to hit the ball well and score good. Ball position golf swing determines if you will make solid contact with the golf ball, and a wrong ball position golf swing will result in errant shots, including hooks, slices, fat shots, duffs, and thin shots.

A proper golf set up position means proper ball position golf swing, and without mastering this golf swing basic, you will run into trouble in all parts of your golf game. Ball position golf swing is one of the first things that beginner golfers should work on, but many experienced golfers may also find some ball position golf swing tips useful, especially if they have been having some golf swing trouble.

Check out these ball position golf swing tips if you have been having trouble with your golf shots lately, or you just want to brush up on the golf swing essentials.

The right ball position varies for each club, and you should pay close attention to this. You don’t want to be hitting your long irons with the same ball position as your wedges.
The correct ball position for a driver is near your outside foot. This is your left foot if you are a right-handed golfer, and right foot for left-handed golfers. This ball position allows you to strike the ball on the upswing, letting you get the most distance out of your shot.
Your short irons and wedges, including the sand wedge, pitching wedge, nine iron, and eight iron, should have a ball position near the center of your stance. These golf clubs must be swung at the steepest angle since they are the shortest. To test and see if you have the correct ball position for your short irons and wedges, make sure you are taking a divot that is directly in front of the golf ball, not behind it.
Your middle irons should have a ball position equal to about one or one and a half ball lengths from the center of your stance. The divot you take in this ball position should be a bit more shallow than with your short irons.
Long irons and woods have a ball position should be a little closer to the middle of your stance than the ball position for the driver.

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