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The Things You Should Know About Golf

Whether you are interested in golf or are just a bit curious about the sport, there are some things you need to know about the game before you get started. If you have seen some coverage on TV then you probably know a little already, although watching and playing golf can be quite different. Whilst it may seem like a complex and highly skilled game played only by those who are rich enough to afford it, there is far more to the sport than this. Golf is open to everyone, and with a bit of money and practice you can become a good amateur golfer yourself. If you want to know more about this interesting sport, then here is some advice about the things you should know before you get started playing.

How the score works

If you are new to the game then working out how the scoring is done can be tricky. You see all these plus and minus numbers, as well as birdies, pars, eagles and so forth. Basically, golf scoring works by comparing your actual score to a pre-arranged score. Each course has a par score, meaning the amount of shots it should take you to get around the course. You can either hit above this score, which is under par or above the score (over par). Each hole has a specific par score as well, which when combined together add up to the total par score for the course. Most courses have a par score of around 70 to 72, which most holes being around par 3 to par 5. If you score one shot below par for a hole (say hitting a par 3 in two shots) this is known as a birdie. If you hit two shots below the par (3 shots for a par 5) this is known as an eagle. You can also hit, if you are very lucky, an albatross, which is 3 shots below the par. The lower your overall score at the end, then the better you will have done.


There are some basic items of equipment that you will need when playing golf. Obviously, you will need to be dressed in the correct attire for golf courses check the rules at your local course for details of their dress code. You will also need clubs and balls, although you don’t necessarily need to buy these at first you can rent them out from most courses. However, if you are serious about playing then buying a good set of clubs, balls and a golf bag is essential. There are many other golfing items you can buy once you understand the game better, but for now just focus on the basics you will need to get started. If you do this then you will see that golf can be a fairly simple and enjoyable game to play for all age ranges.

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